The January 4th 1997 First Saturday T-Hunt Results

For the first hunt of 1997 Clarke ADC decided to hide 2 transmitters,
one in the Long Beach Marina and the other on the east side of
Signal Hill. The T1 Marina tee was running less than 100 milliwatts into
a 15 element yagi, horizontally polarized at the start point. The T2 Signal
Hill tee was a 4 element quad, vertical aiming back at the Marina running
a GQ tee box at 20 milliwatts. 

The results are:

Call                  Total Miles            Crenshaw Units
WA6MPF/MJU            29.0                   3.169  Winner, will hide in Feb.
WA6PYE/DLQ            29.5                   3.172
AF6O/MI               30.1                   3.210
N6AIN/EKS             31.2                   3.390
N6MJN/XFC             29.5                   3.430
KF6GQ/FRW             33.1                   3.510

KE6GQO/GQP had 34.35 miles to T1 only. DNF on T2.
KD6SNE DNF on both tees. Gave up at 10:15pm.

T1 was located on Pg. 826 D-2, on East Marina Drive south of 2nd St.
in the public parking lot for Basin 3, Gangway 32.

T2 was on Pg. 795 H-3, on the east side of Panarama Drive just north
of Skyline Drive on Signal Hill.

Clarke thanks everyone for coming out this month. 

73 Richard.