1st Saturday Night Hunt April 5 1997


KF6GQ and Jasen with the help of John KD6EYR together put on the hide. Four T's were hid, T1 a 5mw. T was placed on the side of San Dimas Ave, above the intersection of the 57 and 10 fwys. This T was easily heard south and east of this intersection. The second T was located on Camino Del Sur in a vacant lot next to the 10 fwy, this T was moved to the other side of the road by one of the first hunters (you figure out who). All of the T's could be heard from this location. The third T required a bit of walking and climbing to the top of a hill near Puddingstone Reservoir, just off of San Dimas Ave. This T was the master triggering T 2. T 2 was set to transmitt any time someone or one of the other T's transmitted (this made finding the others a bit harder). T4 was another 5mw device, This T was located at the souther end of Valley Center Av. In the town of San Dimas. Only T2 & T3 were found, apparently the low power and the fact that all T's ID the same way made it a bit hard to locate. Only T3 had a directional beam on it and it was headed toward the start. Many of the hunters went the long way following bounces or such. Many of the hunters did not sign in their mileages, so I can not give them a finish position. The following listing is in order of time in, as found on the sign in sheets.
Team                Time in                Miles
N6XFC/MJN            9:20                                            
WA6PYE/DLQ           9:30                  15.7
N6ZHZ/CYG           10:35                  41.35
N6AIN               10:38                                   
WA6MPF/MJU          10:43                  37.6
KK6ME/LOR            1:06                 
N6AIN               11:32                  44.8
KK6ME/LOR           11:33       
KD6PUI/KTI          12:17
Based on the fact that only two hunters found Two T's, and only one put down the mileage, N6AIN, I declare N6AIN the illustrious winer er winner. Thank you all for coming out on the hunt. The rest are whusses P.S. Deryl, if you want I can lend you my screeching T.