The December 5th 1998 First Saturday T-Hunt Results

The Last First Saturday of 1998 was a cold one. Make that "colder than ****! ;) Temps were definitely down in the low 40's and possibly upper 30's near T1 off Bastanchury. T1 was located 1/4 mile east of Harbor Blvd in Fullerton along Bastanchury. It was a 5mw GQ Box into a 5/8ths mag mount placed next to the drainage culvert that ran beneath the roadway. The antenna was situated verti-zontal with the null facing east and maximum signal going north and south. T2 was located at the dead end of Carmichael Drive in Brea just north of Lambert/57 area. This tee ran 1mw into 4 elem. quad vertically polarized aiming north towards Tonner Canyon Road and Brea Canyon. The idea here was to make it appear the signal was coming from further up the 57 canyon to the north.

Results No Crenshaws factored in yet. ZHZ may not be able to hide Jan.2 due to fireworks show. Awaiting verification from ZHZ.

CALL        T1      T2       Total   CF   CU
AIN/EKS     7.45   21.75     21.75  9.0  2.4  WINNER
ZHZ/CYG    21.50   13.20     21.50  8.6  2.5
SNE        44.00   60.60     60.60
PYE/DLQ     DNF     DNF       DNF
ME/LOR    No mileages given at either tee!

K0OV    8:40PM T1, 9:15PM T2
N6MJN   8:40PM T1, 9:10PM T2

73 Richard N6UZS.