of the
1st Saturday Hunt
December 04, 2004

Hider: Mike K6SNE
There was one official transmitter. It was Horizontal, 25 watts, and on a yagi pointed at Mt. Baldy. It was hidden 3/4 of a mile West of the Cajalco/15 Fwy intersection, at a baseball field on Cajalco Rd. At 7:45pm the antenna was changed to a vertical 5/8 wave. The First Hunters arrived at 8:50, the last hunters arrived at 9:30.


  CALLS                          MILES     
N6ZHZ Bob & KD6CYG Cathy        23.6 miles Winners!
N6AIN Deryl & WA6PYE Steve      50.1 miles
WA6DWL Dave & K6MJU Mike        83.7 miles

Thanks for coming out!

73! de K6SNE