December 3rd 2005
First Saturday Hunt

Hider: Bob N6ZHZ
Location of T: Near the gate on Skyline road to Sierra Peak in Corona.

The transmitters were hidden along Skyline Drive (Corona -- not Fullerton). T-1 was running 5 watts through a 4-elephant beam, pointed directly at Mt. Baldy. And the hunters tell me that it was a great Baldy Bounce. T-2 was a GQ box (the Froggy T) 100 yards before the main T -- set in a culvert in the flood control channel. T-3 was a micro T and located in a 12 oz can (empty) of Diet Coke, carried around by the Hider -- Bob (N6ZHZ).
The first hunters straggled in at about 8:45 PM, which was a little longer than I had anticipated, but that's a good thing.


Calls                    Mileage       Time
KF6GQ & KD6LAJ:          32.05 miles   8:58 PM
WA6DWL & K6MJU           35.20 miles   8:45 PM
K6SNE:                   37.97 miles   8:19 PM
N6MJN & WA6PYE:          39.90 miles   8:51 PM
N6AIN, KG6RQQ, & KG6LSE: 51.00 miles   9:06 PM

WA6DWL & K6MJU           35.30 miles   9:00 PM
K6SNE:                   37.97 miles   9:20 PM
N6MJN & WA6PYE:          39.7 miles    9:00 PM
N6AIN, KG6RQQ, & KG6LSE: 51.00 miles   9:20 PM

Diet Coke Can was found by all, but because T-3 
was truly mobile it didn't really count for 
anything other than just for fun.

Finel Results
WA6DWL & K6MJU            35.30 miles
K6SNE:                    37.97 miles
N6MJN & WA6PYE:           39.90 miles
N6AIN, KG6RQQ, & KG6LSE:  51.00 miles
KF6GQ & KD6LAJ            32.05 miles (only checked into T-1)

Thanks to all for hunting. See you all Sat. night Dec. 17th, for the Fullerton Hunt when I will again be hiding.
73's N6ZHZ