First Saturday Transmitter Hunt
November 05, 2005


The only transmitter on this hunt was located at the Japanese Fisherman's Memorial, just outside the main gate of the Terminal Island Federal Prison. The transmitter was a 300mW PicCon controlled box and a 4 element horizontal Yagi, aim at various point of the compass at various times.

Calls                           Miles
Bob N6ZHZ                       35.1 miles   Winner!
Dave WA6DWL & Mike K6MJU        35.3 miles
Steve WA6PYE & Dave N6MJN       42.2 miles
Deryl N6AIN                     43.3 miles
Don KF6GQ & Steve KD6LAJ        52.7 miles
Crenshaws were not a factor.

Thanks to all who hunted !

73! Mike K6SNE