November 4th 2006
First Saturday
Transmitter Hunt

Hider: Jason KD6ICZ

This was the most unprepared hide ever.  I just used one of my mobile rigs on the dash for the transmitter.  I started to drive at about 6 pm and my decision was to go east to the 91 to the 15 and drive south.  When 7:20 hit is when I stopped and that was going to be my spot.

 That ended up being off Temescal Canyon Rd at the end of Maitri Rd.  Ran 5 watts into my hunt antenna (6 element yagi) pointed somewhere in the vicinity of Baldy.  My goal was to only have 1 transmitter so that KF6GQ would have to hide next month.  He didn’t even come out!  Next time...


Calls              Time       Mileage
N6ZHZ/KD6CYG         8:35pm      52.2 Miles (WINNER!)
WB6JPI               9:10pm      89.2 Miles (eeeek!)
N6AIN                9:11pm      65.0 Miles (you were lastů  you feeling ok?)

Thank you all for coming out!
Jason KD6ICZ