First Saturday Hunt November 3rd, 2001


Here are the results:
Call/s Time in Miles KF6GQ/KD6LAJ 7:53 30.2 *Winner N6AIN/WA6PYE 7:54 30.1 KK6ME/KD6LOR 8:37 40.6 K6SNE 9:05 67.9 WA6DLQ/WB6RQT DNF N6UZS 8:35 UNF * Crenshaw Factor determined the winner

T was located in Mission Viejo off Aliso Creek Rd and up Pursuit St about 1/2 mile in a small parling lot. Beem was pointed at Los Pinos PK with 5w.

It is unknown what happened to DLQ

Thanks for comming out.

De Steve / N6XFC