First Saturday T-Hunt
for October 4th 2003

Hiders: Bob N6ZHZ and Cathy KD6CYG
Hiding Place:  Cable Airport Upland

Hi folks!

At long last, here are the results!

Two T's were hidden at Cable Airport; the Froggy T was by the Civil Air Patrol 206 search plane, and the main T was at the end of a row of hangers at the eastern end of the field. It was shielded from the start point and ran 1/2 watt into a rubber duck, which produced an anemic bounce off Mt. Baldy. Unknown to us hiders, something caused the power to diminish halfway thru the hunt, which turned the anemic signal into a poo-poo-sucka-hatchi signal. Bob promises to have his box fixed by the next hide.

1st -- N6AIN & WA6PYE -- 23.20 miles winners 2nd -- WA6DWL / K6MJU -- 24.00 miles 3rd -- KD6LAJ & KF6GQ -- 36.85 miles 4th -- N6XFC & N6MJN --- 42.30 miles 5th -- N6IDF ----------- 45.20 miles 6th -- K6SNE ----------- Odometer broken.

Thanks for coming out, all!