Results for the First Saturday Transmitter Hunt

October 3rd 1998

WB6ADC wanted to try the "Milliwatt experiment" again this month by placing 2 tees with 6-8 miles of the start point.

T1 was located in Deryl's favorite hiding spot at the top of Harbor Blvd in La Habra Heights. This is located about 1/4 mile south of Vantage Road on the west side of Harbor in a little alcove/turnout area. Power was 1 milliwatt into a 4 elem. quad aiming at the start point. Nobody seemed to hear this tee at the start. Earlier testing indicated the signal was a busy light and easily huntable. I guess folks have to check a complete 360 before they leave the start point in the future.

T2 which was much stronger was running 5mw into a 4 elem quad. It was located at the dead end of Santa Ana Canyon Road about 3/4 mile west of Lakeview/91 area. Everyone heard this tee and found it within an hour.

The results:
Call/s	         Mileage       No. ts found
KK6ME/KD6LOR     34.3 miles    Found both tees(***Winner!***)
WA6DLQ/WA6PYE    52.7 miles    Found both tees
KD6SNE           28.3 miles    Found T2 maps

73 N6UZS.