First Saturday T-Hunt

October 2, 1999

The Hiders: Ray N6EKS and Deryl N6AIN

There were 2 transmitters. T1 was in my Jimmy in a Park and Ride parking lot just north of Mound Avenue off of Fair Oaks and North of the 110 freeway (Thomas Guide LA County page 595 H1). The antenna was a 4 element beam.

T2 was an AF6O box with a rubber duck located 300 or 400 feet north of T1 in a bush next to a drain pipe that goes under what used to be a railroad bed.

The results:

Call/s          Mileage    Time
KK6ME/KD6LOR    35.70      8:32 PM
WA6PYE/WA6DLQ   32.20      8:33 PM
N6ZHZ           29.90     10:03 PM 


Call/s          Time
KK6ME/KD6LOR     9:02 PM
N6ZHZ           10:45 PM

Final Results

                          No. of 
    Call/s     Mileage    Ts Found
1.N6ZHZ         29.90       2   Winners
2.KK6ME/KD6LOR  35.70       2
3.WA6PYE/WA6DLQ 32.20       1

Ray and I would like to thank the 3 teams that came out.
Dery N6AIN