Hiders: N6AIN Deryl and WA6PYE Steve

Hiding Place: 

 The transmitters were just south of the Ontario airport  off Haven. T1 was an MBR box running ~ 2 watts to a 5 element beam attached to the chain-link fence next to the 60 Fwy, just west of Haven. It was horizontally polarized, pointing at Mount Baldy. T2 was a KF6GQ micro T, under a Eucalyptus Tree, south of Mission in a parking lot.

We were told there were 5 hunters out. We only saw 2 and only 2 signed into the Ts.
The First team to sign in to both Ts was KK6ME/KD6LOR. Second to sign in was Scott N6MI and his wife Susan.
Since neither team chose to put mileage down the winner will be determined by the first team to find both Ts. Sorry Paul and Jim, but I recognize your handwriting.


Call/s           Time   Time
                  T1     T2   Place    
KK6ME/KD6LOR     8:00    ?     1st
N6MI/Susan       8:4?    ?     2nd
K6SNE                          DNF
N6UZS                          DNF
KF6GQ                          DNF

Thanks to the teams that came out. Wish more could have found it. We really didn't think it would be that difficult.

Deryl N6AIN