September 6th 2003

First Saturday T-Hunt


The Hiders: KA6KZZ, KC6NFF, KD6WMD and KG6CBD

This was intended to be a three transmitter hunt. We deployed T's 2 and 3 programmed to start by themselves, then placed T 1.

At the start we picked up the start mileages. I was surprised that no one reported hearing the T's. I waited for everyone to drive off, then departed very quickly on a course calculated to not encounter any hunters that might try to just follow me, and checked on the T's.

T-1 Transmitter 1 was a micro-T hidden in a sign in the Cal State Fullerton Parking lot at the bottom of the hill from the start. We were surprised when we returned that no one had signed in to the T, but discovered that although it was working, the antenna was deployed incorrectly and drastically reduced the distance from which it could be heard. We picked up that T as though it was non-functional at about 9:30 PM.

The team of Steve KD6LAJ & Don KF6GQ was the only team to find T1.They found it on the way back after going Halfway between Laguna Beach & Dana Point, on PCH and hearing noting.
After hearing Don and Steve's description of the T and sign in sheet, KA6KZZ has certified that they did indeed find T1.

T-2 Transmitter 2 was located at the top of the hill above Whittier. It was placed 1/4 wavelength in front of a large steel door facing Mount Baldy. It was intended to create gain hoping for a Baldy bounce, and shield the signal on the only route to the site. There was probably not enough power or gain for the Baldy bounce, and not enough shielding to properly hide the T from the southwest. Nevertheless it could be heard in most directions.

Call                    ODO    MILES    TIME      COMMENTS
N6AIN/KG6RQQ/WA6PYE   499.8    42.3    9:10    GOOD SO FAR
XFC/MJN                87.1    87.1    9:30
N6IDF/KF6GWV           91.2    91.2    9:31
K6SNE                  91.0    91.0    9:32
N6ZHZ/KD6CYG          463.0    45.0   10:25    APPLESAUCE!
ME/LOR                930

T-3 Transmitter 3 was located rather lower on the hill on the end of a dead end cul-de-sac called Honolulu Terr. The spot had a great view of San Pedro and the Palos Verdes peninsula. I had originally thought of mounting a yagi to the railing protecting the road from the cliff below, but in thinking about it more and more, the thought occured to me that that wall was shaped like a parabolic reflector. So I hung the transmitter from the railing and let the wall direct the signal toward Palos Verdes. I had hoped to get a bounce off Palos Verdes from this one. The other thought was that with the transmitter so far below the line of sight of those looking for it, it would make things interesting.

When we returned to retrieve the transmitter, we found a disconnected bungee cord, no sign in sheet, and more importantly, no transmitter. However, we could still hear it. So without any hunting equipment of our own, considering we were hiding after all, we hunted down our transmitter. We found it after a short hunt next to a couple of telephone poles down the road. But there was still no sign in sheet.

So we continued hunting. We found the sign in sheet in the trash can in front of 12204 Honolulu Terr. and retrieved it. The sign in sheet made interesting reading, but without the stories of those who were there at the time, I can only inferr the confusion that reigned in front of a gradually increasingly disgruntled resident. The cul-de-sac had barely enough room for one car to turn around, and according to the sign in sheet, at least three and possibly as many as five hunters and their cars were there at the same time.

Call                    ODO    MILES    TIME      COMMENTS
N6AIN                  506.7    49.3    9:54      ()*&%$^   WA6PYE/KG6RQQ
N6XFC  N6MJN                    92.2   10:10      Bad Spot
N6IDF/KF6GWV                    96.1   10:10      OK!
K6SNE                           93     10:10
ME/LOR                 927             10:15
N6ZHZ & CYG            465.0    47.0   10:50      Bungee Jump! Clever

First Saturday Night Hunt 9/6/2003           
                          MAX           CRENSHAW       Ts
                          MILES         CORRECTION     FOUND
N6ZHZ KD6CYG              47.0      9.00   5.2222222    2 WINNERS
N6AIN WA6PYE KG6RQQ       47.3      9.00   5.2555556    2
N6XFC N6MJN               51.2      9.15   5.5956284    2
N6IDF KF6GWV             102.1      9.10  11.2197802    2
KK6ME KD6LOR             111.4      9.00  12.3722222    2
K6SNE                     93.0      8.50  10.9411765    2
KF6GQ KD6LAJ              38.0       NA                 1

Pictures From The Hiders