September 2nd 2006
First Saturday
Transmitter hunt

Hiders: Deryl N6AIN and Steve WA6PYE
The first place we looked at was excelent but there was a sign that indicated the area was off limits after sunset.
So the second site, in Pico Rivera, was selected. It is at the end of Durfee Ave in Streamland Park. We tried to
bounce the signal off Rose Hills. Guess it didn't work. Everyone showed up in about an hour.

Using Don's new Crenshaw numbers didn't changed the results but it did make it closer.
Calls          Time     Mileage
WA6DWL/K6MJU   8:25 PM  20.44 Winners
WB6JPI         8:35 PM  20.81
KF6GQ/KA6TAS   9:30 PM  22.96