September 1st 2007
First Saturday
Transmitter Hunt

Hider: Jason KD6ICZ
Where: At a Cell site in South El Monte.

Jason's Story:
Because I had to be the on call this weekend, I had to hide while working. So it just happened that our El Monte Cell site had a bouncing failing microwave radio. (the transmitter which is 19 GHz +19 dbm out was down around +5 dbm)

What better place to hide than a cell site? Located right off the 60 and Santa Anita in El Monte, I ran 25 watts (about +44 dbm) into a 11 beam pointed north at I think might have been Johnstone Peak. I am not really sure.

Anyway it seem to have fairly good bouncing results.

Oh yeah almost forgot the part about being 45 minutes late getting the T on the air. I had not used this T box for about a year and a half. I had forgot I programmed it to start transmitting 1 and a half hours I applied power. So I had to look for a Radio Shack in the area to pick up a null modem adapter and gender bender... Long story short 45 minutes later a T was on the air.
 Jason KD6ICZ


First in was Bob N6ZHZ and Cathy KD6CYG with 35.8 miles
Second was Dave N6MJN but unofficial
Third was Deryl N6AIN and Steve WA6PYE with 49.4 miles
forth was Bob WB6JPI also unofficial
No other hunters showed up.

The winning team is N6ZHZ and KD6CYG