Results of the First Saturday
Hunt of August 7th 2004

Hiders: WA6PYE Steve and KG6RQQ Leonard

There were 2 Transmitters. One, T1, was at the end of Carinthia Dr. in Whittier

The other, T2, was at the back of the MarVac Store in Montclair.


The hunt started off with no signal at the start point. After some searching it was heard on side band with a bearing of around 340 to 350 degrees.
some hunters couldn't hear anything so took bearing of  other hunters. 

Some 20 minutes into the hunt WA6PYE come on the air stating that he had a problem hiding T2 so moved it to a different site and gave a general direction to go since it couldn't be heard at T1 as was intended. Later he said do to the late come on of T2 it would be an unofficial T. However it appears that most hunters found T2 well before they heard anything of T1. So it looks like maybe, perhaps, possibly, that T 2 was going to determine the winner.

The rest of the evening was spent trying to sort out where T1 might be. Many times hunters, including me, N6AIN, ended up at the end of Carinthia Dr. looking at the Private property , NO Trespassing  signs and then leaving to see if there was another way in.

I gave up at 10:30 pm and went home. GQ and LAJ left  abut that time. ZHZ and XFC left at midnight. WA6DWL and K6MJU stuck it out and were still hunting when the T went off the air. Being near by they saw 2 of the hiders taking it away and stopped them. Made them put it back and then found it. 

Being the only Team to find both Ts and also the only team to put a mileage down at T2, the team of WA6DWL AND K6MJU  are declared the winners. If they wish to hid next month they may. If however they think, like the rest of the hunters, that because of the Privet Property signs and miss Qs about T2 , they would punish  the hiders by making them hid again  next month, I think no one, except maybe WA6PYE and KG6RQQ,  will complain.

Waiting for more info, Deryl N6AIN

P.S. More information from the hiders:

Leonard says he talked to some of the people that live there. They say the signs are for the indivigeual driveways and the area there is a public street. Leonard told them what they were doing and there was no problem. The T was no more than 50 ft down the little path to the right side of the road.

However, if everyone feels they were missled by the signs and want the hider to hid again next month, they will do so. I guess it's up to David WA6DWL and Michael K6MJU as to what they want to do. Let me know.