First Saturday Hunt
August 6th 2005

Hiders: N6JF James and KG6TES Kenneth
Hiding Place: Near the end of La Pata Ave. off the 74 before the gate to the Land fill.
The line of sight distance from the starting point was 33 miles per DeLorme and the
true bearing was 148 degrees.

The results were as follows:

Name/Call Sign        Mileage       Time of Day
K6SNE                 45.44         8:30 PM
N6AIN, KG6RQQ         42.4          8:47 PM
N6ZHZ + George        36.8          8:50 PM  Winner
WA6DWL, K6MJU         52.6          9:25 PM
WA6PYE, N6MJN         53.5          9:25 PM
It appears that N6ZHZ is the winner.


Jim Ford N6JF, and
Ken Erickson, KG6TES