Results for the First Saturday Transmitter Hunt

August 1st 1998

Vince (WA6DLQ) and I (WA6PYE) decided that we would hide under a rather large landmark in Corona. For years I have seen the large tower up against the hills behind Corona. I discovered that the way to get there was just to keep going up Main St. until it ends. Since we thought the Mt. Baldy reflection would be good, that's where we hid.

Dave (N6MJN) and Steve (N6XFC), were the only team to come directly out the 91 Fwy. to Corona. Most headed north on the 57 Fwy. and found their way back to us in different ways. Several hunters found their way into an orange grove to the east of where we were hid. We could see the headlights from the vehicles but there was no way to get to us except to come around on the paved road. Mike (KD6SNE) guessed we were reflecting off Baldy from Rose Hills. Wrong!!!

 CALL               MILES        TIME

N6MJN & N6XFC        23.9        7:55 PM Winner
KF6GQ & KD6LAJ       32.65       8:25 PM
N6AIN & N6EKS        36.55       8:15 PM
KK6ME & KD6LOR       45.8        8:35 PM
WB6ADC & N6UZS       46.35       9:45 PM
KD6SNE               74.9        9:20 PM
K0OV, KE6HTS, WB6BYU  Unofficial 8:30 PM
N6YKE & Jeremy        Unofficial 8:57 PM

Thanks to everyone for coming out on the hunt.
73, Steve (WA6PYE)