Results of the First Saturday

Transmitter Hunt For

July 6th 2002


It was a summer holiday weekend, so there wasn't much interest in hunting. 

Steve (LAJ) opted out for the night, since there would be more than enough hiders for the hide. As it turned out, only me and my son, Jasen hid. We chose to go locally. We hid in the most North Westerly point that this hide allows (note: in one hunt before, we thought we hid in the most NW location, but now it has moved a bit more westerly 710/210), we hid on N. Chestnut, which now is a dead end street at the new Blue Line tracks. Because Mike was out hunting, we decided to only place one T that needed to be found. We started at 2.5 watts, with my 4 el quad pointed about 110 degrees (145 degrees was to the start). Apparently the signal was so weak at the start, that I increased the power about 10db. At 8:56 Dave N6IDF & KF6GWV, drove in to the location with 36.0 miles. Then at 8:56 K6SNE came in with 43.2 miles, both said they followed a bounce coming off of Mt. Wilson. I declare that N6IDF & KF6GWV are the winners of the July 6th Sat. Night hunt.

Thanks for coming out on the hunt. Don & Jasen