July First Saturday

Hunt Results


Hiders: Leonard KG6RQQ, Steve WA6PYE, Deryl N6AIN

There was suppose to be 3 Ts but one of them had a problem so was turned off. The main T was a 4 element beam pointed at Mount Baldy. It was placed at the base of a Wal-Mart sign near the intersection of the 60 freeway and the 71. A dirt road went up to it from the parking lot of an abandon home improvement store. At 2 watts no one could hear it over some local interference, so I put my 100 Watt amp on it. That worked. The second T was at the entrance to a dirt road of Scenic Ridge Rd east of Phillips Ranch Road.




CALL/S                         TIME IN        MILEAGE

N6XFC/N6MJN            ~ 8:15 PM       19.10

KD6WMD/KG6CBD      8:50 PM        19.80

K6SNE                          ~9:00 PM        47.60

KA6KZZ/KC6NFF         10:02 PM       18.80



N6XFC/N6MJN               8:30 PM        22.10

KD6WMD/KG6CBD       9:30 PM        23.30

KA6KZZ/KC6NFF         11:31 PM        22.05

Overall Finish:

1st. Leonard KA6KZZ and George KC6NFF   22.05 miles

2nd Steve N6XFC and Dave N6MJN                22.10 miles

3rd Steve KD6WMD and David KG6CBD       23.30 miles

4th Mike K6SNE                                             47.60 miles

A note:

Mike K6SNE was in his new Jeep which he has yet to install his T-hunt gear so he was using an HT and handheld beam.

At least that's what I was told :-)

Congratulations to Leonard and George. Their slow, methodical (WB6ADC style) paid off. They will be hiding next month.

We (Deryl, Steve, and Leonard KG6RQQ) would like to thanks the Teams that came out.