July 3rd 2004
First Saturday

Here are the results for July 3rd 1st Saturday hunt. I was selected to hide by hunters vote as the assigned hider was out of town. Feeling alittle under the weather I hid up high and ran LOTS of power so I couldbe found in under an hour. My plan worked.

N6AIN/WA6PYE arrived at 8:02pm with 13.5 miles. **WINNER**
KF6GQ/KD6LAJ arrived at 7:53pm with 19.7 miles.
KF6DBJ/AE6NZ arrived at 8:20pm and were unofficial. Sniffed the tee with HT's only which took some time.

Tee was located at Via Escola and Somerset in Orange up behind BelmontPark. Altitude was 875 feet and I was using a 3 element tape yagi placedin the legs of a high tension power line pointing West. Power was 5 watts. Access was via a steep dirt road from behind the park.

From the tee you had a 360 degree view of North and Central Orange Countyso the signal was plentiful and heard all over.

Thanks for coming out!