July 1st 2006
First Saturday
Transmitter Hunt

Hiders: N6AIN Deryl and WA6PYE Steve

Location: Corona California

On July 13, 1896 residents of South Riverside voted to incorporate and change the name of the community to Corona, which is Spanish for crown, in honor of the City's circular Grand Boulevard. On September 9, 1913, in observance of California's Admissions Day, Corona residents celebrated with an international automobile race on the Boulevard. The event attracted such auto racing greats of Ralph De Palma, Barney Oldfield, Terrible Teddy Tetzlaff and Earl Cooper. More than 100,000 people came to the town of 4,000 to watch Cooper win the race and a prize of $8,250. It was so successful that races were held again in 1914 and 1916. The demise of the road races were due not only to the tragic deaths which occurred in 1916, but because of the cost and local effort needed to stage such an extravagant event.


Calls            Miles   Time
WA6DWL/K6MJU     26.8    8:17 PM

WA6DWL/K6MJU     25.8    8:10 PM

WA6DWL/K6MJU     38.6    8:40 PM

WA6DWL/K6MJU     26.9    8:25 PM 

The mileage was so close that even the Crenshaw factors didn't help.
But after close calculation, it was determined that Don KF6GQ was the winner. :-)
Deryl N6AIN