June 7th 2003

First Saturday Hunt

Hider: Steve KD6LAJ

Hiding place: 210 Freeway and Campus Drive in Upland

I decided to hide near the boundary (new 210 freeway) in a place that may not be available in the near future. I noticed that the Campus Drive exit was not open yet, and there was no passage from east to west there, north of the freeway. This made me think that a close in bounce from the mountains might be fun for the hunters.

I found a way into the area near the closed Campus Drive offramp, that did not have any "road closed" signs on it. Not real tricky to get into, but still easy to miss while hunting.

I set up the "boomer" 15 element yagi, aimed at Potato Mtn. and Sunset Ridge. Ran the Ammo Box at 1.7 watts and confirmed signal at the start point. The hunt was on....

I should have asked about the number of teams that were out, but forgot to do so. The results speak for themselves....

N6AIN, WA6PYE, N6MJN 34.5 mi elapsed in at 8:20PM
KF6GQ in at 9:16PM hunted with new Doppler. (Mileage not counted since he was ineligible to win.)
K6SNE unofficial late start, in at 9:25PM, hoping to meet up with some no-show hunters.

Deryl, Steve, and Dave will have to add a ton of extra miles to keep from winning this one. Sorry. Thanks to all who came out. I hope all had fun.

Steve KD6LAJ