The May 2nd, 1998 First Saturday T-Hunt Results

The Transmitter was hidden on a powerlines road that runs south west from the intersection of Dimension Dr. and Commercentre Dr. in Lake Forest (Orange County Thomas Guide page 862 A7. I was in on the road approximately 1/2 mile.

The transmitter was running about 120 watts to a 1/4 wave mag mount on the top of my Jimmy.

CALL                 MILES    TIME      CFN
WB6ADC/N6UZS/KB6NYW  27.70   9:01 PM   3.08 Winner
WA6PYE/WA6DLQ        32.20   8:48 PM   3.48
N6MJN                36.40   8:35 PM   4.23
WA6MPF & SON MARK    45.00  10:29 PM   4.91
WA6FAT               UNOF   10:34 PM
KJ6HZ                UNOF   10:50 PM