May 1st, 1999 First Saturday T-Hunt

Hiders: Deryl N6AIN and Ray N6EKS

The Hiding place:
The transmitter was 2 miles from the Dennys at the the San Diego Frwy and the Ortega Hwy.

To get there go up Ortega Hwy to the second light form Dennys. Turn right on La Novia Av. Go on La Novia av. to Via Entrada. Turn left on Via Entrada. Via Entrada is a divided road so you can't cross it till you get to a gated entrance where you make a U turn and go back a short distance to a bad looking paved road on the right. Go up that road a 1/4 mile to a no trespassing sign. At the sign, go right on a dirt road another 1/4 mile. The transmitter was above the road behind a bush.

Only 2 teams found the T. KK6ME/KD6LOR were the first to arrive at 9:17 PM. KD6LAJ/KF6GQ came in at 9:30 PM. Mike KD6SNE and WA6PYE/WA6DLQ never signed in.

73 Deryl


TIME Call/s in miles CF CU KF6GQ/KD6LAJ 9:30 PM 52.8 9.25 5.71 WINNER KK6ME/KD6LOR 9:17 PM 53.0 9.15 5.79 WA6PYE/WA6DLQ DNF KD6SNE DNF