1st Saturday T-Hunt
Results   April - 6 - 02
Call T-0 T-1 T-2
KE6GQO 36.9 28.95
N6AIN  /  WA6PYE 31.35 24.0 44.7
WA6DLQ  /  RQT 23.0
N6ZHZ  /  KD6CYG 24.6 36.6
Thank you all for coming out
Hiders: N6XFC & N6MJN

3 transmitters were hidden along PCH and just inland.
T-0, was running 5 watts from a house near downtown Huntington Beach just off Main St.
T-1, was running 1 watt from a house on Cliff Dr in Costa Mesa.
T-2, was a GQ mini T set just down the side of a hill over looking PCH and Newport Beach blvd. off of Superior Blvd.