April 3, 1999 First Saturday T-Hunt

Hider: Richard N6UZS

I was hiding solo because WB6ADC was out recuperating from some minor foot surgery. Cold temps and a high wind pretty much encouraged me to keep this hide as simple as possible.

N6AIN / N6EKS and WA6PYE / WA6DLQ managed to drive right to me while KD6SNE and KK6ME / KD6LOR had similar northwesterly bearings from the start that were apparently reflections off the Whittier Hills. Actual bearing from the start should have been around 275-280 true.

T1 was 1 watt into a stubby duck in vertizontal mode on top of a hill in West Coyote Hills Tree Park. This is on Parks Road just 1/8 mile north of Rosecrans in Fullerton. Low battery voltage caused the tone audio to clip out and sound distorted. Next time I'll make sure Clarke charges the batteries.

T2 was a 5 milliwatt GQ box stashed away by a tree only 100 feet down a small horse trail across the street from T1. There was no antenna on this box but rather a small resistor dummy load. Effective signal radius was maybe 150 feet.

73 Richard N6UZS.


Results for 4/3/99 TEE'S CALL END MILES TIME IN FOUND N6AIN/N6EKS 7.0 7:29 1&2 Winner KD6SNE 13.0 8:15 1&2 KK6ME/KD6LOR 14.6 8:21 1&2 WA6DLQ/WA6PYE 5.3 7:29 1 only