April 1st 2006
First Saturday
Transmitter Hunt

Hider: Jason KD6ICZ
Where did he hide:

This was one of those no planning whatsoever hides.  I was running late and then realized I forgot the most important hunting / hiding tool…  MY CELLPHONE!  So I had to go back home and get it which made me even more short of time.

I had been driving around for a couple of days looking for some good spots.  Didn’t find any.  So I figured I would just head toward Irvine Lake and see what bushes I could find.

T5 was putting out 3 watts into a 5/8 wave whip.  I set it at the entrance of the Orange County Communications center off of Santiago Canyon Rd.  I was greeted by KC6MMF as I was setting it out.  He worked at the center. Great!  He is a ham.  He wants to talk…  I am running short on time.

Next I set T9 at the entrance of a landfill.  I don’t remember the name.  It was running 10 watts into a 4 element yagi pointing no where in particular.

Both of those were on timers.  I had never used the timer before so I was hoping they did actually come on.

I continued down Santiago Canyon Rd. past Irvine Lake.  I was getting frustrated with all the gates being closed on some potential roads. I finally got to Black Star Canyon and knew it would be open at least to the forestry gate that leads to the mountain tops.  I parked there and had T1 in the car running 5 watts into my hunt antenna pointed at the start point.  

Then I walked my AF6O box past the gate about 250 feet and planted it in a tree with a hollow trunk.  It was running about 2 watts into a 4 element yagi pointed back at the start point.

So here are the results.

N6AIN / WA6PYE     T5   16.9 miles  8:21pm
                   T9   17.4 miles  8:30pm
                   T1   24.5 miles  9:05pm
             T KD6ICZ   24.5 miles  9:14pm

N6ZHZ / KD6CYG     T5   23.0 miles  8:21pm
                   T9   23.5 miles  8:32pm
                   T1   30.2 miles  9:00pm
             T KD6ICZ   30.2 miles  9:05pm

KF6GQ / KD6LAJ     T9   16.0 miles  9:00pm
                   T1   22.0 miles  9:20pm
             T KD6ICZ   22.0 miles  9:28pm
                   T5   26.0 miles  9:45pm

So the winner is N6AIN / WA6PYE with a grand total of 24.5 miles.
Thank you everyone for coming out.
Jason KD6ICZ