First Saturday Hunt
March 5th 2005

Hiders: David N6IDF and Father

Hiding Place:
On the access road to Blue Jay Campground South of the 74, about 2 miles in.  Three Ts. 1 at Lake St. Off ramp at the 15, 2 more at the main hide location. The main T was a 13B2 pointed at Cajon Pass.


Call/s               Time        Miles         Ts Found

WA6DWL/K6MJU 11:20 109.20 3 Winners K6SNE 10:25 122.64 3 N6AIN/WA6PYE/KG6RQQ DNF.......WIMPS! ZERO

Where are all the T-Hunter?
Don has a good excuse but what about the rest of you?