March 1st 2008
First Saturday
Transmitter Hunt

Hider: Don KF6GQ
Where: 4 Ts in the hills encircled by the 134 on the south, the Foothill freeway on the north east and the 2 on the west side.

I made an anouncment durring the week that this was not one of the parking lot T hides. I said that it would be a "get down and get dirty" , well because of the light rain, it became a get down and get wet hunt. I put out 4 T's scattered around the Verdugo Hills, surounded by the 134 on the south, 2 frwy on the west, and 210 on the north / east. The Verdugo hills have a lot of fire roads away from the high density homes, which I used for locations of the T's. All T's required a bit of a climb to sniff out the T's, none more than 50 yards from a parking place. The first T (main T) was off of Figueroa St. In Glendale. This was up back of Pasadena School of Art, hidden in a bush, using a 5 element log periodic beam. Full scale at my home in Monrovia. It required a small hike up over a ridge.

The Second T (T9 voice), was off of Camio San Rafael on a fire road spur on east side of road. This required a small hike up the path then up a small ridge to the T. This T was a Squawk Box IDing as T9 voice.

The Third T was Snake T running about 3 mw. into some wires on the ground. It was north of T9 on Camio San Rafael off the west side of the road. This also required a rather steep climb up to it's location. It was placed so that the last T that was heard would appear to be on one of the other dirt trails up there, but being the hunters got there after dark, all they could see was the 2 frwy.

 So for the next  T (T8), they had to come down off the mountains and drive on the west side of the 2 until they got to Verdugo where it goes under the 2 frwy. On a small street on the east side of the frwy, just pass the underpass was T8. Stancrest Dr. I had found an open gate that allowed me to hide the T next to the freeway up a small hill. This T was running about 2 watts to a j-pole.

 I'm sorry that I didn't put on a better hunt that more hunters would come out on, but I thought that I had. Only two teams came out on the hunt, it seems that the only teams of record are N6AIN, N6MJN, and KF6GQ that ever come out on saturday night hunts anymore. Too bad!   Thanks for the Teams of N6AIN, who had a new interested ride along with him, and Dave N6MJN, who did come out. They said they did have fun, last T to be found was at 11:44pm!

 Don KF6GQ


Dave N6MJN with 52.3 miles 
Deryl N6AIN and Brad with 56.8 miles

Winner Dave N6MJN