Results of the
February 1st 2003
First Saturday Hunt

Hiders: N6XFC Steve, and N6MJN Dave

 Dave and I hid in two locations, 1st T in Tustin and the 2nd T in Aliso Viejo at Woodfield Park.   My first location for T-0 could not be heard at the start point or in Tustin so I needed to move it 400 feet to a parking lot and run 30 watts.  At this time it was 7:20 and the hunt had started.  Since I do not have a motor driven T as some of the hiders I decide to manually switch my polarity and azimuth of the 15-element beam.  I pointed it at Santiago Peek and toward the start point in both horizontal and vertical positions.  Yes, you can move the antenna on this hunt also the power can be adjusted but I did not adjust the power.

I am curious were Don-GQ and Steve-LAJ ended up.  I did not hear from them. After futile calls on the cell phone and on frequency I decided to pack it all up and went home around 11 pm.
Steve N6XFC


Tustin T-1            Time in    Mileage 
KD6LAJ/GQ             7:55pm      19.5 
N6AIN/PYE/Leonard     7:57pm      26.3 
N6ZHZ/CYG             8:10pm      21.9   Bobís OD read 6565 at this T 
N6IDF/KF6GWV          8:12pm      14.1 
K6SNE                 9:44         ? 

Woodfield Park T-0: 
K6SNE                 8:10        35.2 
N6AIN/PYE/Leonard     8:50        47.8 
N6IDF/GWV             9:15        35.0   Winner 
N6ZHZ/CYG             9:45        51.2 
GQ/LAJ                DNF