The February 7th 1998 First Saturday T-Hunt Results

It was a dark and stormy night. Dave didn't really want to hide but their were 4 hunting teams that wanted to hunt. With rain coming down at a rate of 1 inch or more per hour out he went looking for a hiding place.

There was a place near the Queen Mary that he had been thinking of hiding for some time, and this seamed like a good time.


Thomas Guide Los Angeles County page 825 E5. Follow scenic Dr. south from the Queen Mary to where you see a place called "Public Fishing Area". This is where he was. He had his 15 el boomer pointing into the buildings along Shoreline Dr.



Call Start Miles Ending Miles Over-All-Miles C F C U
WB6ADC 551.0 581.8 30.8 9.0 3.42
N6AIN 330.45 365.35 34.9 9.2 3.79
KK6ME 306.0 341.9 35.9 9.15 3.92
KD6SNE 308.0 357.0 49.0 9.0 5.44

Clark will be hiding at 7:00 pm on March 7.