Results of the First Saturday

Transmitter Hunt For

February 6th 1999


Clarke WB6ADC and Richard N6UZS wanted to try a Palos Verdes or Catalina bounce on this hunt but conditions were not right. Direct signal was heard at the start point and most teams made it to T1 in less than 2 hours.

AIN and MJN were there at 7:35pm which is no surprise really. ;-) T1 was located at the dead end of Ridge Park Road off Newport Coast Drive. This is east of Corona Del Mar in the hills near Signal Peak at 1000 ft elevation on page 920 D-1. Tee was 5 watts into a quad aiming at PV.

T2 was southwest of T2 about a half mile down Vista Ridge Road near Los Trancos Canyon Road on page 920 B-2. Tee was 1 milliwatt into horizontal dipole placed down in a small grassy ravine on the north side of the road. Everyone found this one.

T3 aka The Bonus Tee was right across the street from T2 in a small hole at the base of a HUGE boulder about the size of my car. Only SNE, RNL,AIN,OV, and MJN found this tee. It could CLEARLY be heard even parked across the street near T2. Message was CW only in a different pitch than Tee 2. It was running 5 milliwatts into a small dummy load vertically polarized.

Call          Total Miles   Tees Found
KF6RNL/Jeff    26.3             3    ***WINNER!!!!***
N6AIN/N6EKS    29.7             3 
KD6SNE         30.0             3 
WA6PYE/WA6DLQ  25.2             2 
KK6ME/KD6LOR   31.15            2
N6MJN, Found all 3 K0OV, Found all 3 73 Richard N6UZS.