January 4th 2006
First Saturday

Hiders: N6AIN Deryl and KG6LSE Peter.
Hiding Place. In a field at the end of Meadow Pass Rd. in the city of Walnut between Amar Rd and La Puente Rd.

There were 3 Ts within a few 100 feet of each other.


Calls                    Miles       Time
N6ZHZ                    34.60       9:50 PM  WINNER
WA6DWL/K6MJU             UNOFFICIAL  8:45 PM
KG6HPG/KG6JDU/KG6YEK     ???        10:39 PM

Since only Bob N6ZHZ put down mileage at the end, he is declared the winner. We need some one at the start to make sure mileage are taken care of. I would like to thank the hunters that came out. For a while Peter and I thought no one was going to be hunting us. Glad to see some new hunters out. Hope they come out again.They did quite well for first time hunters.
Deryl and Peter