May 23rd 2020
All Day
Transmitter Hunt

N6MI and AF6O will be hiding the transmitter hunt on May 23.

Some transmitters will be on the air on May 22. So you can start at the crack of dawn on May 23 and use all of the extra daylight available in May.
146.565 MHz Probably FM.

At least on transmitter will be heard at the Pathfinder starting point (Ronald Reagan Park in Diamond Bar). But don't mingle at the starting point.

I have recommended that the winner will be the team that finds the most transmitters. We won't have sign in sheets -- to enforce social hidden transmitter distancing -- so text us photos of the transmitters or call (213) 924-9293 when you are ready to share the excitement of finding one or more of our little boxes.



   Check back here often for updates & clues from the hider/s.