March 23rd 2019
All Day
Transmitter Hunt

Start time
10:00 am Saturday March 23rd.

 There will be more than zero transmitter(s)
on the air.
Pathfinder start point.

Number of T(s) + mileage.
Zero your odometer(s).

More special info to follow
same time, same station
(decoder ring helpful, but not necessary)!

The special information is,
that Steve will be hiding with KF6GQ!
However, I do have an update on
the number of T's that will be hidden.
It will be less than 8 and More than 2!
Sorry but the rain (snow) we had
 mid week has made the area of the
 proposed hidden T uns
(In the next MEATHEAD it will be used).
So going to a secondary location,
 no snowshoes needed, but possibly
mud boots should be thought of.


   Check back here often for updates & clues from the hider/s.