For those who would like to join our hunts.

This is not a private group, we welcome all beginners and seasoned hunters of all ages and genders who are interested in joining our T-hunts or would like instruction on how to.  However one of the best ways to learn is to join a T-hunt or "OJT" (On the Job Training).   Our T-Hunts are not always easy, in fact they can be very difficult.  The Fullerton Radio Club hunt is usually the best T-Hunt to start with.  It's a continuous duty cycle running the same amount of power until the hunt is over.  The boundary is very small with only one transmitter and will always be no further than 100 feet off a drive able road for a standard passenger car.   But don't let that fool you this hunt can be very changeling sometimes.  

For more information read theses pages.   "What is T-Hunting"  "General Information" & "How to get your Crenshaw Factor"  A Crenshaw factor is NOT needed for our t-hunt's but you will need it if you would like to win or rather hide the next hunt.  

We are always glad to help out new comers and give guidance if needed or asked for.

Our hunts are more of a what a person would find in tracking down a jammer.  What I mean by this is that not many other T-hunts anywhere come close to a real time jammer tracking.  Most other T-hunting groups are timed or will talk you into the transmitter after a few hours or so.  Jammers or other erroneous emissions can be very unpredictable so our transmitter duty cycles can vary.

See you at the Start point...  73