A New Crenshaw Factor

It has been my beef for many years that the current Crenshaw Factor (CF),  does not really represent the true miles someone travels to find the  hidden T. Therefore I would like to present this formula and new CF which will be multiplied by the hunter's odometer reading at the end  of the hunt. Deryl has confirmed the true miles to the stop sign at  Crest & Crenshaw, it is 9.10 miles, via GPS. If anyone feels that the  miles to the stop sign is incorrect, please let me know (it really  doesn’t mater if it is exactly, as long as everyone goes the same  route to measure the distance on their odometer). I now take the  hunter’s current CF, and divide it into 9.1, this gives me a multiplying  factor. These new values will be your new CF. The following list  is the most current values we have. 


Crenshaw  list

 CALL   FACTOR  Multiply  NAME
 AB6PA  8.8     1.034     Glenn's RAv4
AF6O   9.35    0.973     Jim's Bronco

 K0OV   9.12    0.998     Joe's Van

 K6RDF  8.8     1.034     Bob

KA6KZZ 9.35    0.973     Lenn's Suburban

 KB6NYW 9.1     1         Wayne Hoover

 KC6CDT 9.15    0.995     Seve's Mazda Pickup

 KC6TNJ 9.45    0.956     Wayne's Expedition

KD6ICZ 9.1 1.000 Jason's Escape

 KD6LAJ 9.1     1         Steve

 KD6WMD 9.3     0.978     Steven's Jeep

 KE6VCR 8.9     1.022     Tom's Explorer

 KF6DBJ 9.1     1         Greg's Station wagon

 KF6GQ  8.8     1.034     Don

KG6RQQ 8.95 0.984 Leonard's Jeep

 KK6ME  9.15    0.995     Jim's Pickup

 N6AIN  8.9     1.022     Deryl's Escape

 N6EKS  9.1     1         Ray's Disco

 N6MI   9.3     0.978     Scott

 N6MJN  8.6     1.058     Dave's Ranger

 N6UZS  9.2     0.989     Richard's Prizm

 N6XFC  9.1     1         Steve's Big D

 N6ZHZ  8.8     1.034     Bob's Tacoma

 W6RBG  8.9     1.022     Richard K Pierce

 WA6DWL 8.9     1.022     David and Michael 4Runner

 WA6PYE 8.9     1.022     Steve's new Caddy

 WA6RJN 8.9     1.022     Doug's 4Runner

 WA6TQQ 9.1     1         Pete

 WB6JPI 9.06    1.004     Bob's 4Runner